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Attribute Mirror geometry node

Copies and flips attributes from one side of a plane to another.

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A correspondence is established between the geometry on the source side of the model (the side in which the arrow is on) and the closest mirrored geometry on the destination side.

The closeness of geometry is defined by position. A primitive’s position is computed as the center of its bounding box. Vertex attributes are mirrored by first finding a mirror primitive, then finding a mirror point within that primitive. The result is that vertex attributes can be mirrored perfectly in a symmetric model.

The mirror plane itself is considered to be on the destination side of the mirror. To correspond two geometry elements, one must be on the source side and the other must be on the destination side.


Use the texturing tools to texture one side of a symmetric model (such as a human-like character) and then use AttribMirror to automatically mirror the UV texture coordinates to the opposite side of the model.



A subset of the geometry to use as a source or destination for the mirror.

Group Type

The type of elements referenced in the Group field.

Use Group As

As a source, the elements of the group are mirrored onto the rest of the geometry across the mirror plane. As a destination, the elements of the rest of the geometry are mirrored onto the elements of the group across the mirror plane.


Attribute to mirror. “Color” and “Texture UV” are provided for convenience. Other attributes can be specified by name by selecting “Other Attribute”.

Attribute Names

When “Other Attribute” is selected, these are the names of the attributes to mirror. The names are separated with a space character. Each of the attributes must exist on the geometry elements specified by the Group Type parameter.


Create a correspondence between mirrored geometry only if the mirrored distance lies within this tolerance.


The origin of the reflection plane.


Distance to move the reflection plane.


Direction of the reflection plane’s normal.

Attribute Mirror

Often one wishes to transform the attribute itself instead of just copying it over. This will only take effect for floating point attributes.

No Mirroring

The attribute is copied with no change.

UV Mirroring

The attribute is mirrored using the specified UV mirror line. This is useful for texture attributes.

Vector Mirroring

The attribute is mirrored using the mirror plane. The translational component is ignored. This is useful for mirroring Normal attributes.

Point Mirroring

The attribute is mirrored using the mirror plane. This will include the translational components, and is most useful for attributes such as rest position.

String Replace

When enabled, performs search and replace on mirrored string values.

Search For

When String Replace is enabled, the string to rename in mirrored string values.

Pattern matching rules are the same as the examples in Attrib String Edit.

Replace With

When String Replace is enabled, mirrored strings that match the Search For pattern are replaced with this value.

Pattern matching rules are the same as the examples in Attrib String Edit.

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