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Labs Lot Subdivision geometry node

Divide polygons into panels

This node divides polygons into panels. Spaceships, sci-fi interiors, city blocks, irregular walls, all require flat sections of geometry to be subdivided into panels of varying sizes. This node iteratively subdivides polygons into smaller 'lots', with control over minimum size, number of iterations, irregularity.

It also has the ability to cluster lots together to form even more interesting shapes.


Base Settings


Method of orientating the cuts. Bounding box is for worldspace cutting, longest edge is relative to the shape.

Minimum Lot Size

Primitives smaller than this size will no longer be considered for cutting


Number of Subdivisions of cutting. 1 will give you 2 primitives, 2 will give you 4, etc etc

Random Seed

Randomization control

Shape Settings


Smaller values mean the cuts will be halfway along a primitive, higher values will yield primitives of different sizes.

Vertical Bias

Negative numbers will generate horizontal slivers, Positive numbers will generate vertical slivers

Vertical Packing

Strength on a Gradient that clumps lots together towards the top (or bottom)

Cluster Lots

Enables joining of lots into clusters

Number of Clusters

Final Number of Lots after merging them into clusters

Random Seed

Randomization control on the cluster grouping

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