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Labs Mandelbulb Generator 1.0 geometry node

Generates Mandelbulb geometry.

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This node generates a Mandelbulb .

Interesting links and ressources :

SteamBeanblog on the Mandelbulb

Daniel White’s Blog

Moritz Schwind’s (Entagma) Tutorial


Volume Settings

Voxel Size

Voxel size of the resulting VDB.

Formula Settings

Use OpenCL

When enabled, the algorithm runs on OpenCL, otherwise it runs on VEX.

Value of N

Increases/decreases the number of times the shape repeats.

Number of Iterations

Increases/decreases detail around the edges.

Maximum Iterations

Increases/decreases smaller details.


Offsets the fractal pattern.


Controls the frequency of the fractal pattern.


Convert To

Sets the geometry type to output.

Total Number of Points

Sets the total number of points scattered inside the volume when Convert to is set to Points.

Add Color

Creates a color attribute (Cd) based on the length of the points positions.

Ramp Color

Drives the color (Cd) attribute.


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