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Apply modeling changes to deforming geometry

This node provides a method of applying modeling changes to deforming geometry. The local-space changes will move with the deforming geometry, in a predictable way. This node can be used for “finaling” workflows. Rather than resimulate a cloth or skin simulation you can make adjustments with this node and blend them back into the original animation.


In order for this node to work it needs to have a normal attribute and the polygons can not be degenerate.


Normal Attribute

This specifys the incoming normal attribute the node should be using. This is used to compute the appropriate transformation matricies.

Transform Attribute

The node uses an internaly created attribute to transform the geometry. The default value uses the nodes name to minimize the chances of there being a naming conflict with an incoming attribute

Attributes To Transform

Here we can specifiy which attributes need to be transformed. The defaults assumes that you want to transform the position and normal.

Export Transform Attribute

Option to delete or preserve the transformation attribute. Note: You might want to apply the transformation after the fact in combination with other transformations which is why you might want to perserve the attribute and not transform the geometry.

Transform Geometry

Option to apply the transformation or not.

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