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Adaptive Prune geometry node

Removes elements while trying to maintain the overall appearance.

Since 16.5

This operator prunes elements (points, curves or packed primitives) based on camera distance.

When elements become more distant, they are scaled down and eventually deleted.

Remaining elements are scaled up to preserve the visual density of the collection of elements as a whole.




The group of elements to operate on.

Element Type


Operate on points. Points are scaled by modifying the Point Scale attribute (pscale by default).


Operate on curves. Curves are scaled by modifying the Width Attribute (width by default).

Packed Primitives

Operate on packed primitives. Packed primitives are scaled by modifying their intrinsic transform data.

Pruning Criteria

Global Seed

The seed value used in addition to the Seed Attribute to randomize pruning per element.

Seed Attribute

The value of this attribute is used to randomize pruning per element. This is required to achieve consistent results throughout an animation when the input has changing point numbers.

Scale Attribute

The scale attribute used for points.

Width Attribute

The width attribute used for curves.


The camera used for computing element distance.

Size Unit

The unit in which the size of each elements is specified.

Fraction Of Screen Width

Specify element size as a fraction of screen width. An element that fills the entire width of the screen has a size of 1.0.

Use this if you prefer your settings to be independent of the camera’s resolution.


Specify element size in pixels. Use this if you prefer the pruning to depend on camera resolution. Setting a lower resolution on the camera will cause more elements to be deleted.

Size Threshold

The screen size at which pruning starts to occur.

Specified as a fraction of screen width or size in pixels, depending on the Size Unit setting.


Controls how aggressively elements are pruned as they become smaller than the threshold size.

Higher values cause elements to be pruned more rapidly as they become smaller.


Delete Elements

Delete elements once they fade to a scale of 0.


Deleting can be a slow operation when the input has a lot of elements.

When you prune points in preparation for use with the Copy to Points SOP or another operator than can use a group of points, it is often faster to disable this and create a Keep Group to use as the target group.

Scale Elements

Scale elements to fade them out before pruning and scale up remaining elements to compensate for pruned ones.

Create Prune Group

Create a group of pruned elements. This is only available when Delete Elements is disabled.

Prune Group

The name of the group of pruned elements.

Create Keep Group

Create a group of kept elements.

Keep Group

The name of the group of kept elements. This is especially useful for identifying remaining elements when Delete Elements is disabled.

Output Scale Factor

Output the factor by which elements are scaled as an attribute.

Scale Factor Attrib

The name of the scale factor attribute.

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