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TimeShift geometry node

Cooks the input at a different time.

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The TimeShift SOP will cook its input at a different time than it itself is cooking on. This allows one to gain access to earlier or later frames, or to retrieve data always at a specific absolute frame.

Note that the TimeShift SOP doesn’t cache the input, so depending on how the data is accessed, the Cache node may be more efficient.



Determines if the input should be cooked at a given frame number or a given time. Time is measured in seconds.


The frame number to cook the input on.

Integer Frame

Rounds the given frame number to the nearest integer frame, avoiding fractional frame cooking. Note that when shifting by time, fractional frames are always allowed.


The time, in seconds, to cook the input on.


Optional clamping of the Frame/Time value to retrieve. The choices are: None, Clamp to First (uses only the Start value), Clamp to Last (uses only the End value), or Clamp to Both.


The frame/time values used to perform clamping.


PlateBreak Example for TimeShift geometry node

This example demonstrates how to use the TimeShift SOP to achieve a slow-motion effect during a fracture simulation.

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