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Convert Meta geometry node

Polygonizes metaball geometry.

This node converts the surface of a metaball into polygons.



Subset of primitives to convert.

Accurate Normals

Evaluate normals from the metaballs.

Adjust Bounding Box

With this option turned on, the bounding box will be aligned so that the slicing planes will not change unless the divisions also change.


The style of conversion to be performed.

Uniform Step Size Style

This option will create slice planes at equally spaced steps.

Uniform Divisions Style

This option will divide the bounding box into a fixed number of divisions.

Level Of Detail Style

This option is roughly equivalent to the method found in the convert SOP. Clustering of metaballs will attempt to partition the metaballs into exclusive sets of metaballs and process each set individually. This means that each set will have a different apparent level of detail.

Cross Sections Style

This option will generate cross sectional polygons. The number of cross sections determines how many cross sections will be built along the axis specified. The maximum depth determines the accuracy of the cross sections.

Build Polygon Soup

Instead of creating separate polygon primitives, will create a polygon soup primitive.

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