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Labs PolyDeform geometry node

Warps a source mesh to match the shape of a target

This node will deform a source mesh towards the shape of a target.

In this image we have the pig head being deformed into a sphere, cube and tube.

This is very helpful in generating variations of one asset towards another asset. It is similar to a wrap deform, but without the need of a deforming cage.


Base Settings

Retain Features

Mantain High Frequency details while doing low frequency modifications to the mesh. 0 means match the target entirely, 1 means retain all of the details

Shape Blend

Scalar from 0-1 to control the transition and ease out in case the deformation is too aggressive

Low Res Preview

In case of high res inputs, this toggle will do a low res remesh of the input mesh in order to generate a valid preview representation of the operation

Equalize Input Scale

Make both the source and target meshes the same size


Smoothing Method

Set the method for weighing neighbor contributions on position and normal smoothing options.


Smooth evenly regardless of their distance from one another.

Edge Length

Smooth accounting for the fact that some points may be closer than others. This option preserves relative distances between points, which is especially useful when points on the input are unevenly distributed.

Global Iterations

The number of times the input geometry is smoothed. This works as in Delta Mush where only the displacement is smoothed, preserving initial detail in the skin mesh.

Falloff Iterations

Smooth the area of skin where the skin drapes away from the peak displacement. In contrast to Global Iterations this type of smoothing will not reduce the amount of displacement.

Normal Iterations

Smooth the point normals used for projection. Note that this will have no effect if displacement is computed purely from muscle centers (when Normal Projection Mixing is set to 0).

Step Size

This controls the size of each smoothing step for all types of smoothing iterations.

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