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HeightField File geometry node

Imports a 2D image map from a file or compositing node into a height field or mask.

Since 16.0


To write a heightfield and/or mask to an image file, use HeightField Output.



Use the output of a compositing network instead of a file.

COP Network

The path to the compositing network to use to generate the image data, when Use COP is on.


The path to the image file to import.

Reload File

Click to reload the image data from the disk file.


Selects which data channel to use as the value for the height field/mask.


Whether to import the image data into a height layer or mask layer. For consistency with the Heightfield node, this node creates both layers but leaves the other layer set to 0.


If not enabled, the file or compositing network will always be evaluated on frame 1. If enabled, the specified frame is used. By disabling animation time dependency is avoided.


Size Method

How to choose the size of the new volumes.

Size of Largest Axis

Make the longest side of the image the size specified in the Size parameter, and set the size of the other side proportionally.

Grid Spacing

Create a voxel for each pixel in the image, with spacing controlled by the Grid spacing parameter.


The size in meters of the longest side of the image, when Size method is “size of largest axis”.

Grid Spacing

Distance between grid points, when Size method is “grid spacing”.

Uniform Scale

Scales the size of the volumes.


Height Scale

Scales the height values from the image.

Clamp Minimum

Turn on the checkbox to clamp values to be at least this value.

Clamp Maximum: Clamp max at this value.



The initial axis alignment of the 2D volume in world space. The default is ZX, aligned with the “ground” plane.


Where the center of voxels should lie, with respect to the given size. When Height Field Convert converts to polygons, these are the location of the points generated.


Position on the center of the volumes in world space.


When importing a mask, rotates the image data in the grid space. When importing a height field, rotates the volumes in world space.

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