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Distance from Target geometry node

Measures distance of each point from a target.

Since 18.0

This node can be used to measure the distance of points from a target, which is useful when masking operations based on distance.



A subset of components in the input geometry whose attribute value will be set. Leave this blank to affect the attribute value for all components in the input.

Group Type

What the group is made of.


Specifies the type of projection.


Specifies the origin of the projection.


If the projection type is a cylindrical, specifies the direction of the cylinder’s axis. If the projection type is a planar, specifies the normal of the plane.

Distance Metric

Method for measuring each point’s distance along the projection.

Absolute Distance

The 3D distance to the projection plane.

Signed Distance

The distance to the projection plane with positive values for positions in the same direction as the plane’s normal and negative values for positions in the opposite direction as the plane’s normal.

Output Attribute

This is the name of the distance attribute to create.

Output Mask

This is the name of the mask attribute to create. The output attribute is set to a value between 0 and 1. The Radius and Ramp parameters specify how to map from the measured distance to a value in the [0, 1] range.

Radius From

Method used to specify the mask’s radius.


The mask’s radius is explicitly specified with a parameter.

Maximum Distance

The mask’s radius is the maximum computed distance.


Specifies the distance corresponding to the end of the ramp.


The ramp used to smooth the attribute.

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