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Labs Repair geometry node

Quickly Spot Heal a Mesh

This node will delete selected primitives, cap the generated hole and optionally remesh and reproject the patch onto the original.

This is designed to cleanup scanned assets that might have knots of other problematic topology. It is essentially a localized remeshing to smooth out a problem area in your mesh.


Base Group

Polygons to delete/repair

Fill Mode

How to fill the hole that is created


Post Remesh

Remesh the patch that was generated. The Fill Mode Parameter must be set to Single Polygon for this option to be enabled.

Target Edge Length

Optimal length for the remesh edges

Reproject onto Original

Raycast the patch onto the original geometry in order to get some of the original detail back


Smooth Borders

Soften the edges to smooth the transition onto the original mesh


How far to blur the edge into the original mesh

Blurring Iterations

How many times to run the blurring algorithm

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