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A utility tool to paint attribute values on a grid used by the WFC Solver

The WFC Sample Paint tool allows you to interactively set values on a grid used by the WFC solver. It also sets up the required attributes in the correct way for the solver. To start using the tool, plug in the WFC grid you want to modify into the first input, and geometry containing a name attribute into the second input. You can then press the Initialize Value mapping with Input button to import your geometry to paint with, which will be put into the multiparm. These are the values that will be assigned to the grid.

Once the multiparm has been initialized, you enter the node state and can start painting the grid. (To enter the node state, select the node and hit enter in the viewport) Click or drag with the cursor over any points to assign values. Use the scrollwheel to toggle between different values initialized in the multiparm.

See: WFC Solver




This is the multiparm used to initialize values to be used while painting.

Reset All Changes

Resets all the drawn values on the grid to default.

Value to Draw

This is the index of the multiparm that will be used while painting. Controlled by mousehweel.

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