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Labs Connectivity and Segmentation 1.0 geometry node

This node segments geometry based on connectivity, UV islands, proximity clustering, and custom attributes. This is very useful when paired with the multithreaded functionality of compile blocks.


Compilable Segments is a helpful group of nodes that automatically connects a Connectivity and Segementation node to a compile block and for each loop formatted to run over segmented geometry.


Segmentation Mode


Options to segment geometry based on connectivity and UV islands.


Segments geometry based on individual connectivity.

3D and UV

Segments and geometry based on separate UV islands. Remeshing by connectivity is included in this option.

Input Attribute

Segments geometry based on a custom primitive integer attribute.

Target Bucket Size

Segments geometry by clustering primitives. This value is the target number of polygons in each cluster. A lower value generates more clusters.

Bucket Seed

Randomize geometry clusters.

Visualize Segments

Assigns a random color to each segment.

Refine Bucket Boundary

Segmenting geometry by grouping primitives into buckets can create irregularly-shaped segments. Refining the boundary compacts these segments into more regular shapes while respecting connectivity and UV boundaries.

Search Depth

Immediate Neighbours

Restricts segment consolidation to near primitive neighbors.

Extended Neighbours

Searches primitive neighbors within an influence range to determine segment consolidation.

Extended Influence

The range of influence to search for neighbors.


The number of iterations to perform boundary refinement. More iterations increases consolidation.


Segment Attribute

The name of the primitive attribute containing the segment number the primitive belongs to.

Boundary Edges

Output the boundaries between the segments as an edge group.

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