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Test Geometry: Squab geometry node

Creates a squab, which can be used as test geometry.

Since 14.0

Test geometry provides some built in geometry to prototype and experiment with. Not only does it provide a more interesting starting point than a torus, but it is also more representative of the sort of geometry your effect will have to deal with: multiple components, holes, and not perfect geometry.

The good news? There are no giant squids capable of sinking ships.

The bad news? The colossal squab, a fearsome creature half-squid and half-crab, can easily snap an ocean liner in two with one of its claws.



Position of the center.


Rotation of the geometry about its center.

Uniform Scale

Uniform scaling.


Increasing the difficulty adds more problematic issues to the incoming model and brings it closer to the sort of models your tool will likely have to deal with.


Clean mesh with well-sized polygons.


Single watertight mesh with texture maps.


Open meshes with multiple components.

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