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Reguide geometry node

Scatters new guides, interpolating the properties of existing guides.

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Since 14.0

Using Reguide with Plant Guides

  1. Click the Groom tool on the Guide Process tab.

  2. Press C in the viewport, and choose Create & Move > Plant from the radial menu.

  3. Place the guides by clicking LMB on the skin of the character.

  4. Groom the guides to the rough shape you want the fur using the styling tools.

  5. Click the Reguide tool on the Grooming tab to fill in the rest of the guides with the same length and shape of the existing guides.


Scrolling the mouse wheel or holding ⇧ Shift while dragging LMB will let you resize your brush.

For specific parameter information, see the Reguide SOP help.



The group of primitives to scatter guides on.

Density Scale

Multiplier against the points per area to generate.

Density Attribute

Attribute controlling the density of scattered points.

Relax Iterations

Number of iterations to use when relaxing point spacing. Higher Values result in more even spacing of guides.

Only Display Roots

Don’t generate and interpolate guides, just scatter roots. Since the guide generation can be quite slow, this can be used to quickly visualize and dial in density.

Max Source Guides

The maximum number of source guides to interpolate for each created guide.

Distance Bias

Control over the weighting of source guides based on distance. The higher the value, the faster the influence of source guides is weakened with distance. A value of 0 results in guides being averaged, disregarding distance completely.

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