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Labs Automatic Trim Texture geometry node

Automatic Trim Texturing node.

This node is the interactive version of the Trim Texture node. The tool takes in two inputs. The left (primary) input takes in the geometry you would like to Trim. It does not need UVs. The right (secondary) input takes in the Trim Texture that the geometry should be mapped to. This should be prepared using the Trim Texture Utility node.


A good workflow would be to automatically trim the geometry, and then use the interactive tool to make final tweaks.



A primitive group selection that should be processed.

UV Generation

Generate UVs

Controls if UVs should be generated, or if existing UVs should be used.

Rectify UVs

Controls if UV Shells should be rectified before processing. Useful for curved geometry.

Edge Cutting Angle

Controls at what angle an edge is considered hard and should generate a UV seam.

Fitting Properties

Fitting Preference

Controls the preference of how UV shells should be biased when making a decision on what the best match is on the Trim Texture.


Controls how much the difference in area between source and target shell matters.

Limit Texel Density Error

Controls if texel density differeces matter when deciding if a mapped shell is bad.

Visualize Error

Enabling this toggle will color all bad matches red.

Max Texel Density Error

Controls how big of a fraction the texel density is allowed to be before it is considered bad. 0.3 on a 512 texture for example is a mismatch of ~150 pixels

Trim Groups

Tileable Trims

Controls which primitives on the Trim Texture are tileable on the U (X) axis. Any UV shells wider than 1.0 will be eligible to be mapped on there.

Reserved Trims

Controls which primitives on the Trim Texture should not be mapped to.

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