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APEX Control Update Parms geometry node

Computes TRS parameters for an APEX rig from a KineFX skeleton.

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Since 20.0
This feature is still under development. The current functionality is unfinished and subject to change, and may have thin or no documentation. Please bear this in mind when using it.

This node takes in world space transforms and outputs a set of TRS parameters that can be used to drive a character rig.

This node is usually used in combination with an APEX Control Extract SOP, which extracts the desired controls (TransformObject nodes) from a character rig and generates a new APEX graph that is piped into this node (Control Constraint Graph input). The APEX Control Update Parms SOP takes the new APEX graph, along with a set of world space transforms, and outputs a set of TRS parameters that can be used to run the original rig.

See the animation workflow for examples of how to use this node.


Output Attibute

The name of the dictionary detail attribute to create that contains the computed TRS values.


Control Constraint Graph

The APEX graph to run. This is usually input directly from the Control Constraint Graph output of an APEX Control Extract SOP.

Control Skeleton

An updated KineFX skeleton. This usually originates from the Control Skeleton output of an APEX Control Extract SOP.


Animation Parms

The KineFX skeleton from the Control Skeleton input with an added dictionary detail attribute containing the newly computed TRS parameter values. The attribute name is specified in the Output Attribute parameter.

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