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Labs Merge Small Islands geometry node

Consolidates Small UV Islands into Larger Neighbors

UV Unwrap is a great way of getting automatic UVs on your models, but tends to generate a lot of small disconnected islands in the process.

This SOP aims to combat those small islands, and iteratively merge them back up to the closest largest neighboring island.

Before Merge

After Merge


UV Attribute

UV attribute to operate on

Initial Fuse Dist

There is a built in intial Fuse Node to ensure good island connectivity, this is the distance threshold for that operation.


Size threshold of the islands that will be merged back into larger pieces

Flattening Method

Method for reflattening the islands based on the new seams


Attempts at merging the islands together. Higher values produce smoother results

Optimize UV Border

Attempts to cleanup triangles that are sticking to the side of the UV island. May cause small islands to reappear

Optimize Off

Optimize On

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