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DOP Import Records geometry node

Imports option and record data from DOP simulations into points with point attributes.

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Since 12.0

The DOP Import Records SOP will import option, field, and record data from a DOP simulation into SOPs. It creates a point for each record imported and sets the attributes of that point to the values from the source.

Each imported field will create an attribute of that field name. If the same field name shows up in different data with different types, the first type controls what sort of attribute is created. This may mean the later types will not be imported if they are not compatible.

Several standard attributes are always created to make it easier to track the origin of the point data:

objname: The name of the object the record comes from.

objid: The unique identifier for the source object.

datapath: The path to the data which contains the record.

recordname: The name of the record.

recordnum: A given named record may have many entries. For example, the Impact data will have one for each impact. This stores which record in the list generated the point.


DOP Network

The DOP Network to extract the records from.

Object Mask

Specifies the objects within the DOP Network to extract the records from.

Data Path

The subdata path for the data to import records from the DOP Network. The same data path will be used for all source objects.


Which type of record to extract from the matched data. The most common record is Options. This contains the information returned by the dopoption hscript command and usually has all the parameters set on the data from the DOP network.

Another useful record is Impacts to extract the impact data from the Impacts or Feedback data.

This can be a globbed expression.


Which fields to extract from matched records. This can be a globbed expression.

Position Field

If an extracted field matches this field, and it is a floating point field, it will overwrite the position of the generated point. If more than one field matches, the result is undefined.

This can be a globbed expression.


dopimportrecordsexample Example for DOP Import Records geometry node

This example demonstrates a creating points for each matching record in the DOP simulation. This lets us create a point for each object or a point for each impact.

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