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Visualize Rig geometry node

Visualize the transformations and parenting of a SOP skeleton

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Since 18.5

This node provides a simple geometry representation of the inputs point transformations and hierarchy. The visualization is provided on the second output for flipbooks or rendering is required, whilst the first output is the same geometry found on the first input.



Rig Visualization

Show the visualisation in the viewport.


Show the first output geometry (the input skeleton) in the viewport.

Joint Axis Style

Set the style of the axis display. Gnomon

A simple gnomon guide.


A flattened cone per-axis that may be more visible in many situations.

Show Parent to Child

Display a guide for each edge in the input geometry pointing from parent to child.

Override Joint Color

Set the color of the joints in the visualization.

Override Link Color

Set the color of the primitives in the visualization.

Use Lighting

Set the visualisation to ignore the scene lighting.

Ignore Joint Scale

Use polar decomposition on the joints' transform attribute in the visualization. This effectively sets all joint scales to be equal to one unit.

Joint Scale

Set the scale of the guides.

Initialize Scale From Root

Run a heuristic to determine and set the Joint Scale parameter based upon the root joints scale and the size of the skeleton’s bounding box. This can be useful when working with imported skeletons that may have had their units converted.


The SOP hierarchy that you wish to visualize.



The first input geometry.


The created visualisation as its own geometry.

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