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Capture Correct geometry node

Adjusts capture regions and capture weights.

This is useful in cases when a SOP has been locked with cooked data between Capture and Deform SOPs. Then, bone transformations may affect the skin in an undesirable way due to outdated information stored at the locked SOP. CaptureCorrect will readjust the transformations and the weights for the data as if they were taken at the capture frame. CaptureCorrect is also useful for cases where the capture regions have been adjusted by painting and you want to correct some issues that may not be apparent when painting, such as undesired weights that are very small.

CaptureCorrect affects the detail attributes and therefore needs to work on the whole geometry and not specific groups.


Capture Type

Choose between correcting bone capture regions and weights, or metaball capture regions and weights.

Correct Capture Regions

Toggle that determines whether capture regions are corrected. If turned off no update occurs on any of the capture regions.

Regions to Correct

A list of capture regions to correct. If empty, all regions are updated. Otherwise, only the capture included in the list are corrected. The list consists of capture regions separated by spaces, each enclosed in double quotes, for example, “chain_bone1/cregion 0” “chain_bone2/cregion 0”.

Delete Stale Capture Regions

Remove data for the capture regions that do not exist anymore. Locked data may contain references to the bones or capture regions that have been deleted. This option allows to clean up obsolete references.

Regions to Remove

This field allows to specify additional capture regions to be removed from data, even if they are still valid. This is a list of regions separated by a space, each enclosed in double quotes. The capture region names should be the same as they appear in the point attributes (for example “chain_bone3/cregion 0”)

Clamp Weights Below Low Threshold to Zero

Enables setting to 0 any capture weight that is less than the given low threshold.

Low Threshold

Specifies the value below which the capture weights are set to zero.

Clamp Weights Above High Threshold to One

Enables setting to 1 any capture weight that is greater than the given high threshold.

High Threshold

Specifies the value above which the capture weights are set to one.

Limit Regions

Enables limiting the number of weighted regions per point.

Maximum Regions

Specifies the maximum number of weighted regions per point. The current method is to sort for each point, the weights in descending order and then discarding the weights which exceed this maximum.

Re-normalize Capture Weights

After the stale regions have been cleaned up, the capture weights will not sum up to 1. This option renormalizes the capture weights, so that they add up to 1.


Tolerance used for renormalizing capture weights. If the total weight is less than this value, the weights will be set to zero instead of being renormalized.

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