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VDB Topology to SDF geometry node

Creates an SDF VDB based on the active set of another VDB.

Since 16.0

The VDB Topology to SDF node creates an SDF VDB which wraps the active set of the reference VDB. This forms a shell or wrapper that can be used to conservatively enclose the referenced VDB.



The VDBs to consider for conversion.

Output Name

The pattern used to generate new names from the input VDBs.

Custom Name

The unique name used either for the new VDB, or as the suffix.

Use World Space for Band

The generated SDF can have its bandwidth provided in voxels or in SOP space.

Half-Band in Voxels

Specifies the bandwidth in voxel space. This is most efficient as it will work with all scales of geometry. 3 voxels is optimal for many level set operations.

Half-Band in World

The halfband of the SDF measured in SOP space.

Voxel Dilation

Expands the filled voxel region by the specified number of voxels. This will provide this much additional padding.

Closing Width

First expand the filled voxel region, then shrink it by the specified number of voxels. This causes holes and valleys to be filled.

Smoothing Steps

Number of smoothing iterations.

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