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Alembic Primitive geometry node

Modifies intrinsic properties of Alembic primitives.

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Since 12.5


Group Name

The group of primitives on which to operate.


Sets the animation frame for the primitive.

Frames per Second

Combined with the Frame parameter, this is used to convert from Houdini’s frame values to the Alembic time base.

Use Visibility

Controls whether Alembic primitives will use the visibility properties defined in the Alembic file. The default behavior is to leave the visibility setting unchanged.

Ignoring visibility will cause the primitive to be displayed regardless of the settings in the file. Enabling visibility checks will hide the primitive if it’s not visible in the file. The primitive will still exist, but not generate any visible geometry.

Enabling visibility may increase load time since more Alembic properties need to be loaded from the Alembic file.



The frame value for the current Alembic primitive (in the Alembic time base).


The filename of the current Alembic primitive.


The object path of the current Alembic primitive.


The type of the Alembic primitive.


Whether the Alembic primitive uses visibility defined in the file.

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