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MotionClip Pose Insert geometry node

Adds a new sample to a MotionClip containing the given pose

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Since 18.5

The pose should contain a subset of the clip skeleton’s joints.

If present, the localtransform attributes of the points will be used. Otherwise they will be estimated by substituting the world space transforms into the clip’s evaluation at the given time and computing the localtransforms of that skeleton.


This viewport state allows you to visualize a MotionClip or its evaluated poses over time using a color ramp, and it is available for every MotionClip SOP node that outputs a MotionClip.

MotionClip viewport state interaction

You can select individual joints from the current pose in the MotionClip viewport state. For the selected joints, you can then use the Evaluate Pose mode to view just the current pose, its selected joints, and the motion trails for those joints.

rFoot and lFoot joints selected, Mode = Evaluate Pose, Color = White to Red
MotionClip viewport state toolbar


Determines the MotionClip information that is displayed in the viewport.


Displays all the MotionClip’s poses.

Mode = MotionClip

Evaluate Pose

Displays a single MotionClip pose at the current time.

Mode = Evaluate Pose

Transparent MotionClip

When turned on, the MotionClip’s poses are displayed as fainter lines, making it easier to see the scene behind the MotionClip, as well as the evaluated pose.


Applies the selected color ramp preset to the MotionClip’s visualization in the viewport. This color ramp helps to visualize changes to the MotionClip or individual poses over time.

Mode = Evaluate Pose, Color = White to Red

Extend Color

Determines how the poses outside of the MotionClip’s defined animation start and end range are visualized in the viewport.


Holds the color values at the ends of the range.

Mode = MotionClip, Color = Plasma, Extended Color = Hold


Poses outside the animation start and end range are colored gray.

Mode = MotionClip, Color = Plasma, Extended Color = Gray


Hides the poses outside the animation start and end range.

Mode = MotionClip, Color = Plasma, Extended Color = Hide


New Pose Frame

The sample will be inserted at this frame.

Overlap mode

Describes how this should behave if a sample at the given frame already exists.


The existing sample will be completly replaced by the new one. Any joints which were present in the original pose but no longer in the new one will be removed.

Keep Existing

Leave the original pose in place, changing nothing.


The joints given in the pose will copied onto the existing pose, keeping the original values for joints which are not provided.


Throw an error when the given frame conflicts with an existing pose.



The MotionClip to be adjusted.

Pose to Add

The pose which should be added to the clip.



The MotionClip on the first input with the pose on the second input inserted at the specified frame.


SimpleMotionClipPoseInsert Example for MotionClip Pose Insert geometry node

This example demonstrates how to use the MotionClip PoseInsert node to alter the pose of a frame in a motion clip.

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