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Unpack Folder geometry node

Extracts contents from a packed folder structure.

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Since 20.0

This node extracts data from a folder structure created by the Pack Folder SOP.

See the packed character format for more information.


Extract Pattern

Data that matches this search pattern is extracted and added to the Extracted Contents output. The pattern matching syntax is as follows:

  • An asterisk (“*”) matches any number of characters in a name.

  • Two asterisks (“**”) matches any number of levels of folders in a path.

    For example, /**/*.rig matches /root/level1/test1.rig and /root/level1/level2/object3.rig.

  • ?” matches any single character.

  • Square brackets (“[]”) matches any single character within the brackets.

    For example, /root/object[1234] matches data in /root whose names are object1, object2, object3, or object4.

  • Groups and attributes are put inside curly brackets (“{}”).

    For example, {@name=test3.rig @index=2-3} extracts test3.rig, as well as all data with an index attribute of 2 or 3.

  • Multiple patterns can be combined with the &, + and - operators. Pattern matches are applied from left to right.

    • +” or a space operates like an “or” operation. Data that matches any of the patterns separated by a “+” or a space is output to the Extracted Contents output.

    • &” operates like an “and” operation. Data that matches both of the patterns on either side of the “&” is output to the Extracted Contents output.

    • -” operates like a subtraction operation. Data that matches the first pattern, but not the second pattern, is output to the Extracted Contents output.

      For example, object3*/* - {@index>=2} extracts all data in folders that begin with object3, but not data with indices greater than or equal to 2.

Unpack Contents

When turned on, unpacks the extracted data. If the data has been packed multiple times (there are multiple levels of packing), turning on Unpack Contents unpacks the top level of the extracted data.


When turned on, this node outputs the non-extracted data instead.


Packed Folders

The packed folder structure from which to extract data.



The extracted data.

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