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HeightField Isolate Layer geometry node

Copies another layer over the mask layer, and optionally flattens the height field.

Since 16.0


The Height Field Visualize node has better controls for visualizing mask layers.

Houdini supports a default visualization for height fields that shows the height field as a 3D surface and the mask field as a red tint on the surface.

This node simply copies a given layer into the mask layer or the height layer, to let you use the default visualization to visualize a different layer (for example, the mesa mask layer created by Heightfield Clip).


The output of this node is the height field and mask you see in the viewport. That means it changes the mask layer, and if you turn on Overwrite height, it zeroes the height field.

If you are using this node to visualize a layer, you should branch it off the network and not use its output.

You could theoretically use the output of this node if you just want to copy another layer into the height field or mask, but you should probably use the appropriate dedicated node (Heightfield Copy Layer) instead to make the network more understandable.


Layer to Isolate

The name of the layer to copy into the mask layer.

Overwrite Height

Replace the existing height field with the isolated layer. This

Overwrite Mask

Replace the existing mask with the isolated layer.

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