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Test Geometry: Crag geometry node

Creates a rock creature, which can be used as test geometry.

Since 17.0

Test geometry provides some built in geometry to prototype and experiment with. Not only does it provide a more interesting starting point than a torus, but it is also more representative of the sort of geometry your effect will have to deal with: multiple components, and interesting geometry.


While traditional schemas divide rocks into metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary; Crag is the result of a human wizard’s magic gone awry. Thus the correct classification for Crag is anthropomorphic.



Position of the center.


Rotation of the geometry about its center.

Uniform Scale

Uniform scaling.

Include Hammer

Include the hammer in the output geometry.

Rest Post

Rather than an animated sequence, Crag can be exported in a rest pose suitable for capturing.

Animation Frame

The Crag test geometry includes an animation sequence. This controls which frame is extracted, allowing you to loop or retime to fit your shot.

Add Shader

Apply a shader with the canonical textures for Crag.

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