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Hole geometry node

Makes holes in surfaces.

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This makes holes where faces are enclosed, even if they are not in the same plane. It can also remove existing holes from the input geometry.

The holes are made by searching for faces which are enclosed by other faces and creating bridges to the interior faces. It offers more flexibility than either the Extrude SOP or Divide SOP's hole-making capabilities because it can deal with interior faces which are not exactly in the same orientation as the exterior ones. It can also remove existing bridges that it finds in the input geometry if needed.


This op works with Polygonal and Bezier geometry types only. NURBS surfaces will be converted internally to Beziers.



Subset of geometry to hole.

Un-bridge Holes

Removes bridges to holes in the source.

Distance Tolerance

Maximum distance between interior geometry and exterior geometry.

Angle Tolerance

Maximum rotation of interior geometry relative to exterior geometry.

Snap holes to outlines

Interior geometry is translated and rotated to be flush with exterior geometry.


HoleBasic Example for Hole geometry node

This file demonstrates the Hole SOP.

There are four examples given of the Hole SOP, how to add holes to a surface, or remove them.

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