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Edge Collapse geometry node

Collapses edges and faces to their centerpoints.

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Using EdgeCollapse

  1. Select the edges or faces you want to collapse.

  2. Click the EdgeCollapse tool on the Polygon tab.



The faces or edges to collapse. This field is treated as a set of edges. Edges that are not part of any entity in the group field do not get deleted.

Normally you will use this operator in the viewer and simply select the faces/edges you want, however if you need to you can also use a space-separated list of the following codes in this field to specify edges:




All edges in primitive number n.


Point number n / edges with point number n.


Edge number m of primitive n.


Edges between point number a and point number b.

Remove Degenerate

Removes any degenerate polygons left after collapsing.

Recompute Point Normals

Recomputes point normals (if they exist).

Connectivity Attribute

When a Connectivity Attribute is given, boundaries in the attribute values are used to partition collapsed vertices into separately collapsed sets.


EdgeCollapseBasic Example for Edge Collapse geometry node

The Edge Collapse SOP simply allows the deletion of edges, as shown in this example. Point numbers are rearranged to accommodate the missing edge.

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