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Pose-Space Edit geometry node

(Deprecated) Packs geometry edits for pose-space deformation.

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Since 17.0


This SOP is used to edit geometry to create a pose-shape. A pose-shape is the combination of a geometry, a set of driver values given by the Extract Pose Drivers SOP that are unique to the pose-shape, a set of transforms given by the Extract Bone Transforms SOP, and a pose stored in a Channel CHOP. Chaining together Pose-Space Edit SOPs (first input to first output) produces a packed set of pose-shapes for the Pose-Space Deform SOP. The driver values associated with each pose-shape determine how the Pose-Space Deform SOP interpolates between their geometries.

The Pose-Specific Edit SOP requires a path to a Stash Pose CHOP that holds the drivers and transforms of the desired pose stashed. Enter the Pose-Space Edit SOP subnet to edit or replace the geometry. The geometry can be masked by specifying a mask point attribute to remove unwanted modifications. The effect of the mask can be controlled with the Mask Scale parameter.

The first output gives a pack of the geometry differences between the plain geometry and that provided within the SOP merged with the first input. The second output is the combination of the plain geometry and the geometry differences for viewing and debugging purposes.


Stash Pose Path

Path to a Stash Pose SOP holding the drivers and transforms of the given pose.

Mask Scale

Scales the effect of the mask, bypassed by default. When the value is less than 1 the effect of the mask is reduced making the edited geometry behind the mask more prominent.

Display Guide Geometry

Cooking the guide geometry increases the time required to move between Pose-Space Edit SOPs in the node network. Toggle on to cook the guide geometry for this node.

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