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Labs Dissolve Flat Edges 1.0 geometry node

Remove edges on flat surfaces.

This hda will identify edges that are flat, and dissolve them. The default behavior is to only find perfectly flat edges. The max edge angle slider allows a threshold of 'flatness', so edges which are mostly flat can also be dissolved, or the threshold can be set higher to obtain different effects, say artisticly driven decimation.



Allows for specifying a subset of primitives to dissolve flat edges of.

Flat Edges

Max Edge Angle

Threshold of 'flatness'. 0 means edges have to be perfectly flat, higher numbers will find more edges and dissolve them.

Collinearity Tolerance

Points within this angle of being on a straight line are considered inline.

Inline Points

Remove Inline Points

Remove inline points of egdes that got preserved on the silhouette of the input geometry as a result of the dissolving of flat edges step.

Preserve Attribute Boundary

Attributes specified here are used to protect edges that represent boundaries of attribute values. Useful for for example uvs or material assignments.

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