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Labs Chaotic Shapes 1.0 geometry node

Generates different chaotic maps.

Since 20.0

This node generates point clouds based on the chaotic map formulas (sometimes known as attractors). It can also create color and pscale attributes based on normalized point density.

The currently supported chaotic maps include Clifford Attractors and Peter de Jong Attractors.


The original formulas only define the X and Y positions. For the Z position, we use our own formula.


Constants Presets

A list of chaotic map types and their respective constant variations. When you are in the Manual mode, the output is determined by the map type and your custom constant values.

Reset Constants

Resets the constants back to the current preset values.

Point Count

The total number of points to generate.

Compute Normalized Density

The density is equal to the number of points found in Search Distance divided by Maximum Search Points. The output range is 0-1.

Point Density

Density Attribute

The name of the density attribute.

Search Distance

Each point looks for neighbour points within this radius.

Maximum Search Points

The maximum number of neighbour points for each point to search for.

Point Color

Add Color by Density

Creates a color attribute based on the computed density.

Color Ramp

The color spectrum is mapped to the 0-1 range of the density attribute.

Point Radius

Add Pscale by Density

Creates a pscale attribute based on the computed density.

Pscale at Min Density

The pscale when density equals 0.

Pscale at Max Density

The pscale when density equals 1.

Display as Spheres

Display points as spheres in the viewport. This sets the detail attribute gl_spherepoints to 1.

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