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Spline Profile geometry node

Extracts or manipulates profile curves.

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You will usually need a Trim SOP, Bridge SOP, or Profile SOP after a Project SOP. Use a Trim SOP to cut a hole in the projected surface; use a Bridge SOP to skin the profile curve to another profile curve.



Subset of profiles to extract or manipulate.



Extract a stand-alone 3D curve as the world or parametric image of the profile. The non-parametric option will yield a curve whose shape and position in space are identical or very similar to those of the chosen profile. The parametric option will produce a planar, XY face whose vertices and type will be identical to those of the profile in 2D; also, if the profile is a spline it will have the same basis as the extracted curve.

Parametrically to XY

Extract the profile’s parametric image as a 3D face

A profile extracted parametrically can be reapplied to the surface identically with the Project operation by choosing the Parametric option with no Mapping to Range. Use this method to extract the profile, pull its points or edit it as you would any 3D face, then re-project it on the surface at the same location.

Smooth Curve

Fit a spline through the extracted points or don’t. This option is disabled when extracting the profile parametrically. Turn it off to bypass the fitting process which might be both expensive and unnecessary when extracting profiles produced by boolean operations (see Surfsect).


Divisions Per Span

Number of 2D points evaluated in each span


Precision of 3D fitting algorithm


Spline order of resulting spatial curve

Preserve Sharp Corners

Enable or disable fitting of sharp turns in curve

Keep Surface

Keep or remove the owner surface after extraction

Delete Original Profile

Remove the profile from its owner surface



Reposition and scale an existing profile to fit within the specified domain range. It is a good means of bringing invisible profiles into view by setting the mapping range between 0 and 1 in the U and V parametric directions. A profile mapped outside the unit domain becomes invisible but is not removed from the surface. Other ways to change a profile are available through the Primitive operation.

U Range

Area of the unit U domain to be mapped on

V Range

Area of the unit V domain to be mapped on


FlagProfiles Example for Spline Profile geometry node

This example shows how to use the Project SOP to create a profile on a surface.

The Profile SOP is then used to extract the profile from the surface or remap the profile on it. It also shows how the profile will animate with the surface or independent of it.

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