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Sends Houdini Mesh data automatically to Zbrush

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GoZ is Zbrush’s built in system for sending data between Zbrush and 3rd party software using the GoZ file format.

The GameDev tools implements a file format plugin, which enables the File SOP to read and write GoZ files. But there is also a bridge mechanism to trigger the loading of the files and the possibility of sending multiple files at once.


Some files are copied over to “C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZApps\Houdini” the first time you drop a GoZ Export Node.

On the Zbrush Side, you can set it up by hitting the GoZ button if this is the first time you've ran GoZ and you will be prompted to find the Houdini path.

You can choose any of the provided houdiniXXX.exe but ensure it’s the right version number if you have multiple installed.

Data Conversion

Geometry Data

The following attributes are passed across both ways

  • Point Positions

  • PolyPaint (Cd Point Attribute)

  • Mask (mask Point Attribute)

  • PolyGroups (polygroup Primitive Attribute)

  • UVs (uv Vertex Attribute)


Subtools are defined by the name Primitive Attribute. Different name values will yield separate subtools


The plugin is only supported on Windows at this time.


Send to Zbrush

Sends the incoming mesh data over to Zbrush.

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