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Labs Snow Buildup 2.0 geometry node

Creates geometry to an input mesh that mimics snow build up.

This node generates snow buildup by extruding specified faces upwards. The selection of these faces are determined by facing-direction, thickness and curvature attributes of the input mesh. Noise is added to the geometry, deforming the snow surface differently than the edges.


Snow Scattering

Keep Original

When enabled, merges result with input mesh.


All generated values depend (pseudo)randomly on this value. This random seed is used for determining the entire noise distribution.

Snow Direction

Direction from which the snow is coming.

Occlude Mesh

When activated, snow will only appear on the surface which is directly hit by snow.


Deviation from the snow direction where snow might fall. If Coverage parameter is too wide, Occlude Mesh might become useless.

Voxel Size

The desired voxel size of the new VDB points grid. The lower this value, the more detail the mesh will have.

Snow Surface


Choose whether parameter values are relative to the input mesh size or to the world.

Base Height

Height of the initial snowfall.

Noise Height

The maximum amount of random height added to Base Height.

Noise Frequency

Frequency in which Noise Height will randomize: the smaller the value, the larger the bump size.

Minimum Patch Area

The minimum area allowed for snow patches. Patches with area smaller than this value will be removed.

Smoothing Iterations

Amount to smooth edges of of the snow surface. Higher values move the points farther from their original positions.

Edge Detail

Melt Border

When enabled, lowers the border of the mesh to mimic melting.

Melt Iterations

How melted the surface snow is. Higher values move the points farther down.


Select between different noise types.

Simple: Keep snow edges as is.

Stratification and Melted: Mimics bands of snow that melted.

Shoveled: Mimics bands of snow that was shoveled.

Stratification With Holes: Mimics bands of snow that melted with additional holes.

Melted with Holes: Mimics snow that has naturally melted.


The intensity of the noise. Higher values move the points farther from their original positions.

Element Size

Uniform scale of elements in the noise. Lower value means more 'tiling'.

Additional Blurring

Amount to smooth edges. Higher values may result in a loss of details.

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