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Agent Collision Layer geometry node

Creates a new agent layer that is suitable for collision detection.

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Since 14.5

This node creates an agent layer that consists of simple static shapes such as capsules and boxes. The resulting layer is suitable for use as an agent’s collision layer.



The agents to add the new layer to.

Layer Name

The name of the new layer.

Copy Source Layer

Specifies whether to use an existing layer as the starting point for the new layer. All of the shape bindings from the Source Layer will be copied.

Source Layer

If Copy Source Layer is enabled, specifies the name of an existing layer to copy shape bindings from.

Keep External References

When new shapes are being added to the shape library, a copy will first be made so that the modifications do not affect other agents that reference the original shape library (such as those in the input SOP’s geometry). If this option is enabled and the original shape library referenced a file on disk, the new shape library will be marked as including the original shape library. In this situation, when the agent is saved to a geometry file, the path to the original shape library is saved out along with any new shapes that were not included from the original library. Otherwise, the entire shape library will be saved to the geometry file and the original shape library file is not referenced.

Set as Current Layer

Sets the current layer of each agent to the new layer.

Set as Collision Layer

Sets the collision layer of each agent to the new layer.

Configure RBD Properties Per Shape

Creates array point attributes that provide the Bullet solver with per-shape values for physical properties such as friction and bounce. If this option is disabled, the parameters on the Crowd Object DOP or RBD Packed Object DOP will apply to all of the agent’s RBD objects.

Collision Shapes

The number of collision shapes that should be added.

Transform Name

Specifies which transform in the rig the shape should be attached to.


Specifies the translation of the shape in local space.


Specifies the rotation of the shape about the xyz axes in local space.


Specifies the size of the shape in local space.


Specifies the local pivot point for rotations.


Specifies the type of primitive shape to create.

SOP Path

Specifies the SOP geometry to use for the shape if the shape type is Custom.

Bounds Scale

Specifies a multiplier for the size of the shape’s bounding box when computing the layer’s bounds. See the Agent Primitive help page for more information on how an agent’s bounding box is computed.

Keep Position When Attaching

When Shape is Custom, specifies that the new shape should be transformed before being added to the shape library so that its current world position will be maintained after being attached to the Transform Name.


Specifies the shape’s density when Configure RBD Properties Per Shape is enabled. The mass of an object is its volume times its density.

Rotational Stiffness

Specifies how liable the shape is to spin when Configure RBD Properties Per Shape is enabled.


Specifies the object’s elasticity when Configure RBD Properties Per Shape is enabled.


Specifies the object’s coefficient of friction when Configure RBD Properties Per Shape is enabled.



Agent primitives.



Agent primitives with additional layer and shapes.

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