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Labs Biome Curve Setup (Beta) 1.0 geometry node

This node sets the necessary attributes on curves created in Houdini to use with Labs Biome Initialize SOP.

Instead of the biome interface handled through Labs Biome Initialize for all other region assignment methods, this node assigns the necessary attributes to curves as they are created. The first input is the corresponding curve, and the second input is the Previous Biome Curve Setup SOP in the chain. For curves that can share a biome assignment, it is possible to merge them together first before wiring into the first input.


Biome Profile

Path to the biome profile JSON containing biome data such as names, parameters, etc. This data is set through the Labs Biome Adjust Settings node.

Environment Variable Set

Enabled automatically if the environment variable BIOME exists. This environment variable is a path to a specified directory.

Curve Setup

Biome Name

The biome to assign this region. To adjust biome names, settings, or add/delete biomes, see Labs Biome Adjust Settings.

Biome Hierarchy

The priority to assign to the associated curve(s). A higher number will give the biome priority when using Biome Overlap resolution on the Labs Biome Initialize SOP.

Create Next

Creates the Biome Curve Setup node for the next curve region and connects the related wires.

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