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Edge Fracture geometry node

Cuts geometry along edges using guiding curves.

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Since 17.0

The Edge Fracture SOP cuts input geometry along existing edges, using curves as a guide for the cuts. An initial set of polylines can be generated by the Edge Fracture SOP when the Initial Pieces option is enabled, with additional arbitrary curves optionally added in the second input.


Initial Pieces

Generate an initial set of polylines for cutting the input geometry into approximately the specified number of pieces. These polylines are generated with the Poly Reduce SOP.

Resample Accuracy

Resample any curves from the second input to the specified accuracy relative to the average edge length of the input geometry.

Point Cost Attribute

If given, the specified point attribute on the surface geometry will be added to the cost of a path visiting each point. By painting these values on the input geometry, you can influence the location of the edge cuts.

Show Guide Geometry

Show the cutting curves as guide geometry.

Primitive Piece

A primitive attribute to store a number for each separate piece of geometry. The Visualization button will create a visualizer for this attribute, showing a different color for each piece.

Original Point Group

A point group to store all the original input points before cutting.

New Point Group

A point group to store any points created in the cutting process.


EdgeFracture Example for Edge Fracture geometry node

This example shows various ways of fracturing along the edges of an input mesh using the EdgeFracture SOP.

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