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APEX Scene Add Character geometry node

Adds a new character to an animation scene.

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Since 20.0
This feature is still under development. The current functionality is unfinished and subject to change, and may have thin or no documentation. Please bear this in mind when using it.

This node adds a packed character to a new or existing APEX animation scene. The animation scene is in a packed folder structure. See the animation workflow for examples of how to use this node.


Character Name

The name of the new packed folder that is created on the Scene input geometry. The character elements from the Character Files input are packed into the new folder. This parameter is available when Packed Characters is turned off.


A .char extension is automatically added to the name of the new packed folder if none is specified in this parameter.

Packed Characters

When turned on, treats the Character Files input as a collection of characters to be merged into the scene. The specified string pattern determines the characters to merge.



The existing animation scene to add the character to.

Character Files

A packed character or a set of character elements to add to the scene.



The animation scene with the added character.

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