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Point Jitter geometry node

Jitters points in random directions.

This node will randomize point locations by slightly altering their values. This is useful when precisely aligned data can be a problem. For example, a set of springs that are exactly aligned might be in unrealistically precise balance. Jittering the point positions will break the artificial symmetry.

This node works on points.



Points to jitter.

Id Attribute

Instead of using the point number as the seed, use this integer attribute.


Overall scale of the offset to move the points. Points are jittered by a value of -0.5 to 0.5 times this scale, and then modified by the other scales.

Axis Scales

Each axis of jitter is scaled by the corresponding scale here. This can be used to achieve a two dimensional jitter by setting the unwanted axis to 0.


The random number seed used to generate the jitter values. Changing this will create a different set of jitter offsets.

Use Point Scale

If enabled, the pscale point attribute will be used to further scale the jitter amount. This provides per-point jitter control.

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