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VDB Occlusion Mask geometry node

Create a mask of the voxels in shadow from a camera for VDB primitives.

Since 14.0

This node creates a mask of the voxels inside a camera frustum that are occluded by the objects in the input VDB primitives.



Name(s) of the VDB primitives to operate on. If empty, all VDBs are used. See specifying volumes.


Path of the /nodes/obj/camera.html object to use as the frustum.

Voxel Count

Horizontal voxel count on the camera’s near plane.

Voxel Depth Size

Voxel depth (uniform z-size) in Houdini units.

Mask Depth

Depth in Houdini units from the near plane to for the created mask.


Number of iterations to shrink the resulting mask.

Z Offset

Number of voxels to offset the near plane from which shadow voxels are created.

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