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Generate Buildings from OSM Data

Open Street Map is an open source XML based file format for City Map data.

The OSM Buildings Node extrudes building data from curves generated by the OSM Import SOP.

For a curve to be eligible it needs to be tagged as a building and have a height or building_levels tag. If not, the Generate Buildings on Missing Data can take shapes that are tagged as buildings and do an approximation.

Building Parts are also represented properly. This is usually present in landmark or complex buildings that are more intricate than a single extrusion.


Also see the OSM Import SOP, OSM Filter SOP and MapBox SOP for more OSM related workflows.


Standard Level Height

Used ONLY with building_levels attribute. Multiplied the number of buildings by this number (meters) to get the building height.

Shrink Footprints

Distance to shrink the building footprints down. This is helpful for using the building footprints as sidewalks.

Boolean Buildings

Union adjecent buildings together. Turns city blocks into single buildings.

Visualize Buildings

Colorizes individual buildings as different colors

Generate Buildings on Missing Data

Generate buildings even if not all required data is present (height or buildinglevels)

Random Seed

Different seed for the random building heights

Height Range

Min and Max Range for the randomly generate buildings

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