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VDB LOD geometry node

Build an LOD Pyramid from a VDB.

Since 16.0

The VDB LOD SOP can build multiple filtered versions of a VDB grid, providing different levels of detail. This allows making a MIPMAP-like representation. The low resolution versions both can be used as thumbnails for fast processing, but also can speed up filtered lookups by providing large volume averages in constant time.



Which of the input VDBs to process.

LOD Mode

How to build the LOD pyramid.

Single Level

Build a single filtered VDB.

Level Range

Build a series of VDBs of successive refinement within a provided range.

LOD Pyramid

Build a standard pyramid of VDBs of decreasing resolution.


Specify which level to produce. Level 0 is the highest-resolution level.


Specify the inclusive range /nodes/sop/start, end, step.html


Number of levels to generate. Each level is half the resolution of the previous level.

Preserve Grid Names

Reuse the name of the input VDB grid. Only available when a single Level is generated.

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