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Labs Sphere Generator geometry node

The sphere generator creates a sphere from a cube with uv’s and normals.

The sphere generator deforms a cube into the shape of a sphere so that uv’s can be laid out in a cross shape. Just like the regular sphere, you can change the levels of division. You can also modify the normals, cut it based on a plane and add vertex color based on one of the axes.




Increases or decreases the number of polygons which make up a polygonal sphere. The higher the frequency, the smoother the sphere.

Uniform Scale

Scale equally in all axes.


Non-uniform scaling along xyz axes.

Cusp Angle

When computing vertex normals, if normals of vertices around a single point are less than or equal to this angle (in degrees) apart from each other, they will be averaged together, weighted by the vertex angle in each polygon.

Cut Sphere

Enable clipping the sphere.

Cut Position

Where to cut the sphere, relative to the bounding box of the sphere

Cut Direction

The axis direction perpendicular to the cutting plane, similar to the clip node.

Vertex Colour

Add Colour

Create a vertex attribute, Cd.

Ramp Axis

The cardinal axis that drives the colour ramp. x = 0, y = 1, z = 2

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