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Convert Volume geometry node

Converts the iso-surface of a volume into a polygonal surface.

Since 11.0

Unlike the Convert SOP, this node will not copy the unconverted geometry. Only the isosurface of the chosen volumes are converted. Groups, primitive attributes, and point attributes are also not preserved. These restrictions maximize the speed and minimize the memory footprint of the resulting geometry.



Subset of primitives to convert.


The crossing point of this value in the volume will be converted to the iso surface. For example, 0 for signed distance fields or 0.5 for fog volumes.


Reverses the sense of the iso value comparison. This reverses the normals of the surface and the winding direction of the polygons.

You can use this to build a proper “outward facing” surface when converting a signed distance field with negative values in the interior.

Detail Level

Controls the sampling rate of the polygon conversion. A level of detail of 1.0 will exactly sample every voxel.

Compute Normals

Set the point normals to the normalized gradient of the volume.

Build Polygon Soup

Creates a polygon soup primitive instead of a regular polygon primitives.

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