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Pose-Space Edit Configure geometry node

(Deprecated) Creates common attributes used by the Pose-Space Edit SOP.

Since 17.0

This SOP adds the required attributes to the Rest Geometry input for the Pose-Space Edit SOP. It should only be done once.


Shape Diff Method


Transforms the example geometry into the rest-pose by applying inverse skinning method to the example geometry before computing the difference.


Computes the difference of specified attribute on the two geometries.

Post-Deform Orient

Produces a similar result as the Pre-Deform method however instead of transforming the example geometry with inverse skinning this method transforms each point by the inverse of the orientation indicated by a quaternion point attribute.

Orient Attribute

The name of the quaternion point attribute to use with the Post-Deform Orient difference method.

Use Bone Deform

This is implied when the Shape Diff Method is set to Pre-Deform. Otherwise, it specifies whether the Pose-Space Edit should use Bone Deform when computing the shape diff.

Skeleton Root Path

Specifies the parent OBJ for the bones attached to the input geometry. The pCaptSkelRoot detail attribute is used by default when this parameter is empty. If this parameter is non-empty, it overrides the pCaptSkelRoot detail attribute in the input geometry. Relative path values here will be with respect to this node.

Bone Deform Method

The skinning method used to inverse transform the deformed geometry when using Pre-Deform differencing or Use_Bone_Deform is enabled. The skinning method should match that used by the upstream Bone Deform SOP that deforms the geometry.

Blend Attribute

The name of the point attribute to use with the Blend Dual Quaternion and Linear skinning method.

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