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Labs Mesh Slice geometry node

Clips the geometry into multiple submeshes based on a 3d grid pattern

This node will slice up your mesh into several subcomponents based on a 3D grid defined by its bounding box

This is a combination of the Multi Bounding Box node and a Box Clip node working in conjunction to let you generate submeshes from one large mesh.

The most common use case is a large photogrammetry asset or point cloud that you might need chunked up into smaller meshes, either for streaming or for drawing/processing optimizations



Number of XYZ Divisions for the 3d Grid

Fill Holes

Toggle to enable capping the clipped faces.

Isolate Index

Isolate a single sub component (Helpful if you'd like to use a ROP to drive this node and split out the mesh with the $F expression)

Visualize Pieces

Applies a random Color to each of the pieces in order to quickly visualize how the mesh is split

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