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Instance geometry node

Instances Geometry on Points.

Since 13.0

This SOP instances geometry onto the input points. It creates packed primitives to hold the instanced geometry. It also collates the instance attribute to minimize in memory copies.

This can be applied to the output of POP simulations that use the Instance POP to instantiate their geometry for viewing or rendering.



Points to instance onto.

Instance Attribute

String attribute to instance with. It points to files on disk or op: operator references.

Display As

Allows you to use proxy geometry to reduce the expense of drawing the geometry.

Pack Using Expanded/Absolute File Path

Expands the file path when generating packed file primitives, ensuring they will work in .hip sessions started in different locations.

Use Object Transform

The relative object transform of the instanced SOP and this object will be baked into the instance operation if this is specified.

Reload Geometry

Force a reload of the file. This will also clear any cached data for packed disk primitives (see also the geocache command).

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