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HeightField Remap geometry node

Remaps the values in a height field or mask layer.

Since 16.0

This is useful for changing the range of elevations in the terrain, and/or using the ramp to smooth out elevation changes.


Layer to Remap

The name of the layer to remap, for example height or mask.

Mask Layer

If a mask volume is wired into this node’s second input, this specifies which volume in the second input to use to mask this node’s effect, usually mask. Click the “Add mask paint” button to paint the mask directly in the viewport (this automatically adds a paint node to the second input).

Compute Range

Click to fill in the Input min and Input max parameters with the current minimum and maximum values in the input layer.

Input Min

The lowest value in the input to map from.

Input Max

The highest value in the input to map from.

Output Min

The new minimum value in the output to map to.

Output Max

The new maximum value in the output to map to.

Clamp to Minimum

Clamp input values lower than the minimum, instead of extrapolating them.

Clamp to Maximum

Clamp input values higher than the maximum, instead of extrapolating them.


Modify this ramp to use a custom remapping instead of just a linear remap. For example, you could make a curve that wouldn’t change low elevations but would pull down high elevations a lot.

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