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Vellum Transform Pieces geometry node

Transforms geometry using the rest and solved data from Vellum Shape Match constraints.

Since 19.5

The Vellum Transform Pieces SOP transforms input geometry using the rest data and solved data for Vellum Shape Match constraints, usually transforming render geometry from the results of simulating proxy geometry. This is similar to using a combination of the Extract Transform and Transform Pieces SOPs to transform render geometry, except it is specific to Shape Match constraints and uses information from the solver to find rotations.



Specifies the point group in the geometry whose Shape Match constraints should be used to transform geometry. All the points in a constraint must be in this group.

Constraint Group

Specifies the primitive group of Shape Match constraints that should be used for transforming geometry.

Piece Attribute

The integer or string point attribute that is used to match the individual pieces of Vellum geometry and geometry to transform.


Specifies whether this node should output Points with Transforms which can be used as template points in a regular Transform Pieces SOP, or Transformed Geometry which is the result of transforming the geometry in the third input with the results of the simulation.

Point Velocities

Controls whether point velocities will be calculated for the geometry from this SOP, and the method of calculation. The instantaneous and integrated velocity calculations are described in Point Velocities.

Integrate Over Time

The time interval over which velocities are calculated when using the integrated point velocities calculation. This value should be set to a single frame time, or the duration of a single geometry segment when using multi-segment motion blur.

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